Permission Man

Permission Man seeks endorsement. . .pre-endorsement.  He wants to understand the rules before entering the fray.  And he will be watching for infractions and deviations; they will be noted and he will work tirelessly to ensure they are corrected.

Permission Man is cautious.  To him, he world is best experienced in an orderly, organized and fair way.  It is safest to ask first:

What if someone gets hurt?
Who says we can?
Is that okay?
Shouldn't we run this by someone?
Do we know this will work?

His advance work is unmatched even if his options are limited. 

He likes to be sure. . ."just to be sure" is his mantra.  There are always eventualities, contingencies, side-effects to be considered.  Dangers lurk in the woods, water and uncertain situations.  Someone should approve all actions.  He is concerned about developments and would like to know on whose authority they were taken.

Permission Man is the new New World Man.


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