Somehow, years ago I stumbled across the oddest blog in the universe.  I could never quite peg the author.  One day he would irritate me, the next enlighten me.  He would post goofy images and articles and wonderful music.  It grew on me and Eclecticity has been a daily visit for over five years.

He is now closing up shop, or no longer adding to the shop.  He says he is no longer amused with the process and that seems like the best reason for stopping something like a blog. I understand.  He joins a list of really great blogs which are no more.  If you never followed one of my links to Eclecticity, you've missed out on some very fine creative work from Doug Fine (go ahead and browse the work).

Doug writes "Never has there been a more time intensive pursuit with so little return than my blogging."  In one view of things he is probably right.  There is certainly no money in blogging.  But in another, he could not be more wrong.  I've gotten to know Doug over the years.  I even had breakfast with him and "met" so many others through his site.  My guess is that he "met" them in the same way.  The value of a blog to me is creating and collecting items of interest and amusement in a giant electronic filing cabinet in the ether.  Doug added to that equation and this blogger thanks him immensely. 

Here's to Eclecticity.


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