Right now!

bookofjoe puts things in perspective:

"When I get emails or phone calls or texts from people telling me about how important something is — and how I must respond RIGHT NOW — my first reaction is always to snicker.

Gimme a break. 'Can't intubate can't ventilate' — that's urgent.

The rest is piffle and very small beer and can just wait until I'm good and ready to deal with it.

Unless you've stood over a patient's increasingly cyanotic face, unable to intubate or ventilate, while the O2 sat meter's beeps get lower and lower and slower and slower, and felt the sweat running down your butt crack, you have no idea what "right now" really means.

Rule of thumb: In otherwise healthy adults, permanent, irreversible brain damage begins after five minutes of hypoxia.

In children, or adults with compromised pre-existing physical status, less.
Sometimes significantly less.

Trust me on this."

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