"Working clean"

"Working clean, constantly wiping and cleaning, is a desirable state of affairs for the conscientious line cook.  That chef was right: messy station equals messy mind.  This explains why side towels are hoarded like gold by good line cooks.  When the linen order arrives, the smart cookies fall onto it voraciously, stashing stacks of the valuable objects anywhere they can hide them.  One cook I knew would load them above the acoustic tile in the ceiling above his station, along with his favorite tongs, favorite nonstick pans, slotted spoons and anything else he figured he needed on his station and didn't want another cook to get.  I'm sure that years later, though the restaurant has changed hands many times since, future generations of cooks are still finding stashes of fluffy, clean side towels."

Anthony Bourdain
Kitchen Confidential


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