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Last week, Execupundit posted a link to Martin Scorsese's 85 Films you must see.  I have seen 10 of the movies.  So I loaded up my Netflix cue (the Netflix by mail cue) and have started to watch these movies.  Who am I to argue with Scorsese over film? 

Last night I finished America, America, Elia Kazan's story of his family and Greek immigration to America.  If America, America is any indication, I am in for a fabulous ride.


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  • 1/5/2013 1:47 PM GJ wrote:
    Just new to Netflix, I think I'll do the same. Just browsed the list. I've seen considerably more than 10.

    I'm older, the youngest child of older parents, too, who liked good movies--particularly my mother, who watched and talked about movies since high school (NHS '35). My father died in 1969, and since that time until she passed last year, I spent hours and hours in the seat across from her, watching classic movies, or at the kitchen table talking about them and the books, history, or personalities they were about. (And, about what was going on downtown and around her when she saw them.)

    Very lucky...but, I've still seen a minority of the list. Interesting to see a few of my favorites, one, something I thought probably that I was just cultish about: The Conversation. I know I'd have another list of films I am captivated by.

    I love to hear Scorcese talk about film, and particularly about the visual and iconic aspects. Popular film, the industry, is always a threat to the significance of the art form. Intelligent analysis(talk!) about film is a bulwark against that threat.
    This exercise(If I follow through.) will be a joy.
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    1. 1/5/2013 3:36 PM Cultural Offering wrote:
      Enjoy the journey.

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  • 1/5/2013 4:11 PM E wrote:
    As well, who are you to argue with Michael Wade? E.
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    1. 1/5/2013 5:31 PM Cultural Offering wrote:
      I shan't.

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