Helpful apps

Try some of these.  You'll feel better:

Real Person® - This application answers the phone when you call, is polite and helpful.  If you happen to go into a store, it helps you by making sure you are finding what you need.  You won't have to walk many aisles searching for help.  Modeled after Wayne, the hardware store owner who spent his days helping customers one by one.

Good Food® - Go to the market or grocery store, purchase fresh ingredients and seasonings.  Combine those ingredients to prepare foods and consume them with family members and friends as you sit and talk about random subjects.  Repeat regularly, if not daily.  Modeled after your grandmother.

Library Discover® - Find the section of the library you like most - biographies, fiction, children's, do-it-yourself - and look at the book titles as you walk down the aisles with your hands comfortably behind your back.  Pick out an interesting book, go to the counter, check it out, take it home and read it.  Modeled after many successful people.

Written Word® - Get a blank sheet of paper and write a letter to someone.  Thank them for something and tell them what you have been doing.  Tell them how you think about something.  If necessary use the back of the paper or even a second or third sheet.  Ask them to write you back.  Modeled after society pre-1990.

Board Game® - Grab your favorite board game, clear off the dining room table and invite several people to play.  Trash talk each other during play and take great pleasure in moving your pieces across the board to victory.  Modeled after you and your friends as kids.

Leisurely Walk® - Wearing street clothes, head off on a walk around the neighborhood or into the woods.  Walk across fallen trees, balance on sidewalk curbs, cross a stream by stepping from rock to rock.  It is fine to get a little wet.  Look up at the birds in the trees.  Notice the landscape.  Try in the dark as well as the light.  Modeled after that odd old man who lived a very long happy life.

Fireplace® - Get some wood and build a fire in your fireplace.  As it burns, mess with it, add more wood, read and stare at it.  Stay up late watching it burn.

Beer with Friends® - Meet several friends for a beer somewhere.  Ask them what they are up to and what they think about various topics.  Listen.  Order another beer.  Also try Coffee with Friends®.


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