Execupundit's greatest hits

While Michael Wade takes a break, here are some of his greatest hits (according to me):

Being in Charge of the Project - 2007 -
"If you didn't like the goal, you should have mentioned that before taking on the assignment. You did and got overruled? Then if the project is ethical, do your best to achieve the goal. If the project is unethical, do nothing to implement it."

Dangerous Beliefs - 2007 -
"People may admire candor but they love discretion."

- 2011 - "I will now do something other than what I want to accomplish so my mind will drift naturally to what I want to accomplish."

Yellow Lights - 2010 - "Red lights are used to designate danger and yellow to urge caution. If you were to walk through every aspect of a customer's interactions with your firm, which stages or practices would merit a yellow light?"

Doing the Optional - 2011 -
"He didn't have to visit us, but he did. She didn't have to write a thank-you note, but we got one within days."

Welcome Aboard - 2005 - First post: 
"Over the years, I’ve found that any discussion about the workplace that goes beyond the most general terms can be stress-producing to some and just plain undesirable for others. This may be because so many people work in jobs that are not satisfying or for supervisors who are trolls. With that in mind, I’ll strive to make this painless and productive so regardless of your job, you’ll be able to visit and carry away something of value."

The messy desk - 2010 - "Now if I had a cadre of handlers who could snatch away this item and file that one and always be nearby to fetch and tote, I might consider the clean desk approach but even that would be a ruse."

Guidance for bloggers - 2010 -
"Always give credit to other bloggers for their thoughts and be generous in linking to other blogs. There's no particular business reason for this. It's just the right thing to do."

"It's Complicated" - 2010 - Just read it.

News Flash - 2007 - "The colleague who asked why the office should adopt your proposal does not hate you or seek to embarrass you. She simply wants to know why the office should adopt your proposal."


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