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Baseball season brings the need for sunflower seeds - the perfect food item for our national past time. 

In case you've never learned the secret to proper sunflower seed consumption, always buy the seeds still in the shell.  Eating is simple:  put a small handful into your mouth and move them into a cheek pocket (experimentation will tell you whether you are a right-cheeker or a left-cheeker).  Use your tongue to move the seeds one at a time from the cheek to a position between molars one and two on the opposite side of the mouth.  The seed should be positioned on its end so that light pressure between the upper and lower molars crack the seed open.  Once the edges of the seed are cracked, the tongue moves the seed to a new position - still end on end - between the upper and lower central incisors (still on the opposite side of the mouth from the area used for cheek storage).  The incisors will, with a little practice, easily release the internal kernel to be chewed and enjoyed.  The empty seed halves are then spit out of the mouth - preferably on to some part of a baseball field.  If you spit seeds in the stands, be careful to avoid hitting other spectators.

On to flavors.  Generally, I am a purist:  vanilla ice cream, scotch straight, salt and pepper only on my steak and sunflower seeds with nothing but salt coating them.  Until the introduction of Chili Lime seeds.  I take a pass on the barbecue seeds; ranch flavored seeds do nothing for me but chili lime is sublime.  I doubt I will leave this flavor anytime soon.

Now get out there and enjoy some seeds.

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  • 5/26/2010 11:02 PM Bob Watkins wrote:
    I'll give the chili lime a try if they have it at our PONY field concession stand. I think they only have the plain version. I've got two playing (8) and (11). What a great game!
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    1. 5/26/2010 11:23 PM Cultural Offering wrote:
      Perfect ages, Bob.  The purity of the game peaks at age 10 in my mind.  You will probably need to look at convenience stores for the chili lime.  If you don't find them, send me a message with your address and I'll ship you a bag to chew and spit at an upcoming game.
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  • 5/27/2010 7:44 AM Patrick wrote:
    Once in a while, Sunflower Seeds will be my choice of a take along snack for open house.  But, I do buy them already shelled, hate to spit them out in someone's home.
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    1. 5/27/2010 12:43 PM Cultural Offering wrote:
      Probably a good idea.  Try them in the shell during yard work.  And the chili lime seeds can't be beat.
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  • 5/27/2010 2:11 PM Mark Evans wrote:
    Only bought one bag...had a mouthful and back to the Duke I went. See you at the park tonight.
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    1. 5/27/2010 4:01 PM Cultural Offering wrote:
      See you there.
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